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NoCap Shows Artist Bios

All the UI elements used for Maker's Mark, showing button stylings, form fields, toggle buttons, progress bars, filtering UI, and loading images.
NoCap Shows
Project Management
6 mo

The challenge

Find a creative way to build an organic SEO presence for NoCap shows and increase the domain ranking with Google

The goal

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the process

Once we clearly understood the end goal of the project we began to research a solution on how to solve the problem. NoCap Shows is a platform where users can purchase tickets for a variety of different artists digital shows. So we came up with the idea to create a seperate site on the same domain where we built a very large database of hundreds of thousands of artists with details and photos on each page. This is so that when users google the artist names our database pages come up and increase the domain ranking with google. Each page also shows what live shows NoCap is aadvertising currently, if the detail page is for an artist that actually has tickets currently being sold on the main NoCap Shows site then that is promintently dispolayed.

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As our team built out the various usage examples, and refined the brand's shared Figma library, we started to see the brand come to life, similarly to how it was in print. A website is nothing close to a print ad, so this was a sign that we'd been on the right track, and we were close to being able to share what we've accomplished with our partners.

Since the rounding out of 2021 into 2022, we've shared the kit with, most notably, our US and UK teams. Most recently, we shared our work with Maker's Mark Korea – and I'm sure we'll continue sharing as the kit grows. Ultimately, we needed something that was flexible, with room to grow, but also something that was collaborative and always up-to-date, even for those that don't use Adobe programs. This is an ever-evolving file, which was one of the most beautiful things about learning and using Figma.

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